Our Company

And the passion for the details


Seriousness and professionalism in the assistance of our customers distinguish us in the following different phases: inspection, offer, delivery, installation, training and after-sale service.


Completely made in Italy,
innovative and safe products
which meets the needs
of our customers.


ISO 9001 and ISO 13458 certified production which is recognized all over Europe.
Medical certification 93/42/EEC registered at the Italian Ministry of Health.


DiGi Project has a large experience in lifting disabled people and, thanks to its strong motivation, manufactures innovative solutions for different fields like: swimming pools, vehicle transportation, railway stations and airports. Our company wants to fill the handicaps and aims at offering solutions to non expressed needs of disabled people by means of high quality and first class technology products that are entirely designed and made in Italy.

The factory


The history of DiGi Project began in 2005 and was conceived by the passion and strong motivation to resolve the unexpressed needs of people with mobility problems. BluOne, the first portable pool lift that could carry and lift a person at the same time, was the result of this ambitious target.

Two years from its foundation, the company’s reliability and professionalism expanded sales all over Europe. In 2009, due to the increasing requests and different markets, new products were added to the range. This allowed the company to give 360° solutions to water access for almost any type of pool.

DiGi Project, thanks to the elevated technology used, the continuous research of new solutions and a 100% “made in Italy” production, obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO13485 certifications which are recognized at European level. This is a guarantee for the whole production process and selection of materials and suppliers up to the final quality control and traceability of the product in the sales distribution.

An additional confirmation of the maximum accuracy and research of elevated quality standards is the medical certification 93/42/CEE, registered at the Italian Ministry of Health. This certification covers all our products and makes the control and the production parameters more severe.

DiGi Project’s great commitment was recognized by the European community with the European Patent of Industrial Invention and utility model PCT IT2006000014 and Utility Patent 1835878.

Today, just like before, the commitment of Mariani family, the owners of the company, is to continue innovating because “this is what we believe in and what we can do best”. The brand is currently known across more than 40 countries.